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Residential Accounts Only

Curbside recycling service offered in this initial phase is only for residential accounts serving one or two-family (duplex) dwellings. Recycling services for apartments or commercial accounts may be offered at a later date.

Start Date

Service will commence approximately 120 days after a minimum of 5,000 residents have signed up for the service. Service will be limited to the first 8,500 residential accounts to sign up.

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95-gallon blue recycle carts will be provided to each household that subscribes and plastic, metals, paper, and cardboard may be comingled in the cart.

Monthly Fees

Recycle carts will be collected curbside once per week for a $7.00 monthly fee that will be added to the resident's utility bill. Billing will not be initiated until service is underway.

Call 581-3413 for more information. City of Lawton, Solid Waste Collection.

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Call 581-3413 for more information. City of Lawton, Solid Waste Collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a time commitment involved once signed up?

    No, there is not a minimum time limit once recycling services have begun.

  • Are there options for handicapped or elderly?

    YES, house side service can be set up and will follow guidelines set forth in city code.

  • When will my recyclables be picked up?

    Once recyclable collection begins you will be notified by the recycler of when your collection day will be.

  • Do my recyclables need to be bagged?

    No plastic bags are not excepted and would only contaminate the recyclables.

  • Where do my recyclables go?

    Your recyclables are hauled to a MRF (material recovery facility) where they are sorted and compressed and prepared to sale.

  • If I am unsure about what needs to be recycled , how do I determine which container to use?

    When in doubt, trash it, move on and as you become more knowledgeable change will occur.

  • For More Information? If you have additional questions, feel free to contact: Mike Gaver at Progressive Waste Solutions. (580) 678-6666

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