Parks and Recreation Department

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Developing a Healthy, Safe and Connected Community


Open space and/or park facilities are vital components to the development of any community. Creating common open spaces for the purpose of diversity of community or common-union is a breeding ground for community growth in the expression of life through the international language of physical exercise, music and food. An atmosphere that creates a pleasurable, attractive and inviting experience that strengthens mental, physical and spiritual growth is the intended mission within the City of Lawton Parks and Recreation Department.   In Lawton, Oklahoma the continued vision and development of Elmer Thomas Park as our signature metropolitan park provides the framework of open space for passive and active recreational festivals from private and public organizations. Elmer Thomas Park along with the two regional lakes (Lake Lawtonka and Lake Ellsworth) reflect the windows to our community as we continue to build a community for playing and celebrating life together.

~Former Director of Parks and Recreation, Kim Wayne Shahan


photo of Elmer Thomas Park


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