Parks & Recreation Department
1405 S 11th St
Lawton, OK 73501

Park Renovation

Park renovation and development during the years 2000 - 2002.

Completed Projects
1. Elmer Thomas Master Plan
2. Renovation of Neighborhood Parks Playground Equipment
* Crystal Hills- Installed
* Great Plains- Installed
* Wilson Park- Installed
* Country Club- Installed
* Prairie Park- Installed
3. McMahon Soccer Fields Irrigation
4. Greer Park Tennis Windscreens
5. Verna Cook Park
6. Harvey Park
7. Skate Park/McMahon Park
8. George M. Lee/Spray Pool & Restroom
9. Ahlschlager Park Lights on Fields 1 & 2
10. Library Plaza Electrical Upgrade
11. Meadowbrook Park Equipment Installed.
12. Soccer Fields in McMahon Park
Completed Projects 2002 - 2004 
1. McMahon Park Improvements- Phase I - Improved Parking Lots
2. Renovation of Neighborhood Parks
* Stephens Park
* 33rd Street Park
* Putney Park
* Kathy Newcomb Park
* Skyline East Park
3. Municipal Swimming Pool/ Pipes and Restroom
4. Eastside Park- Phase I - Complex built
5. Wetlands Project- McMahon Park
6. Grandview Sports Complex Parking Lot
7. Mocine Wading Pool Restroom
8. Harmon Wading Pool Restroom
9. Southside Park Pavilion
10. Ashlschlager Park Restroom
11. Elmer Thomas Park Phase I - II Road Projects
12. Lake Helen Restoration Project
13. Eastside Park - Playground Unit

Park Standards
In order to provide a basis for determining how many parks and facilities are needed in this community, a comparison was made with Lawton's existing parks and facilities to the standards established by the National Parks and Recreation Association.

1. Lawton is very fortunate to meet the standards for this recommended number of neighborhood parks and total amount of park acreage.

2. With the addition of East Side park, the City will meet the minimum recommended number of community parks, although a west side community park is strongly recommended.

3. The City is deficient in the present number of swimming pools for its population.

Priorities for Park Development

Projects are recommended by the Park & Recreation Commission to be completed in order of priority unless specific funding becomes available for a project through a grant or other specific funding sources.

Priority #1 Continue Elmer Thomas Master Plan/Amenities
Priority #2 Outdoor IN-Line Hockey Rink/McMahon
Priority #3 City Wide Beautification Program
Priority #4 McMahon Auditorium Improvements - Phase II
Priority #5 Westside Community Park
Priority #6 Expansion of Owens Recreation Center/For Senior Programs after Relocation of Administration Offices
Priority #7 Aquatic Center/Spray Pool
Priority #8 City of Lawton Community Center
Priority #9 Historical Old Town Site and Outdoor Theater
Estimated Total Cost: