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Mailing Address:

212 SW 9th Street

Lawton, OK 73501-3944


Main phone line:

(580) 581-3360

Additional Lines:

(580) 581-3361

(580) 581-3365

Hours Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm


Inspection Line:

(580) 581-3362



(580) 581-3479



Douglas Wellhouse

License & Permits Supervisor/Plans Examiner/Building Official


Charlotte Brown

Plans Examiner (Residential)


Jimmy Crow

Chief Inspector/Electrical Inspector


Troy Brandon - Building Inspector


Bernie Nauman - Building Inspector


Richard Werstein - Plumbing Inspector


Ron Payette - Plumbing Inspector


Ralph Maietta - Mechanical Inspector


Sonny Grant - Mechanical Inspector


Kyle Stevens - Electrical Inspector


Keri Henning - Secretary


Ashley Glaze-Lyle - Secretary





Welcome to the License & Permits Division. We strive to provide you with the absolute best in quality customer service and want your contact with us to be worry-free and professional in every way. The following information has been compiled to aid you in obtaining a building permit, trade license, inspection, and information on the many other services we provide. An FAQ (frequently asked questions) section is included at the bottom of this page.


As an overview, the License & Permits Division, along with the Inspection Services Division, reviews building plans, issues building permits, and conducts inspections required by the building permits. We also license or permit various types of businesses, including building contractors and trade contractors.




Door-To-Door Vendor Permits. Verify who's knocking at your door here!




Currently Adopted International Codes

IBC (International Building Code) - 2009 edition

IRC (International Residential Code) - 2009 edition

IPC (International Plumbing Code) - 2009 edition

IMC (International Mechanical Code) - 2009 edition

IFGC (International Fuel Gas Code) - 2009 edition

NEC (National Electrical Code) - 2011 edition

IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code) - 2009 edition

IEBC (International Existing Building Code) - 2009 edition

IFC (International Fire Code) - 2009 edition

2009 ICC State of Oklahoma Amendments

ANSI Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities
(American National Standards Institute pamphlet A117.1) As referenced in the 2009 IBC ANSI A117.1


(Hard copy of code books listed here can be found in the reference section at the Lawton Public Library or in the City Clerk's Office located at 212 SW 9th St. A free online version of the most recent State adopted International Codes can be found by clicking **Please be advised that the most recent State adopted International Codes may or may not be the same as the current City adopted International Codes**)


Related City Code Chapters

City Codes available online here



Chapter 4 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 6 Building Codes

Chapter 7 Business Licenses

Chapter 11 Fire Department Services

Chapter 12 Food & Food Establishments

Chapter 14 Mobile Homes

Chapter 18 Planning and Zoning

Chapter 19A-1 Stormwater Management

Chapter 19A-2 Floodplain Management

Chapter 22 Utilities



Available Applications and Handouts

(The following are in PDF format and can be printed, but are not electronically fillable forms. Use the back arrow to return to this page)


Building Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Contractor’s License Application

Contractor’s Workman’s Comp Affidavit

Home Builder’s Certificate

Building Permit Submittal Checklist

Fences, Sheds & Detached Garages Handout & Example

Mortgage Inspection Certificate Example

Lawton Waffle Slab City Standard

Handicap Parking Example

Handicap Restroom Example

Handicap Ramp Handout & Example

Accessory Buildings & Fences on Utility Easements Standard

Storm Shelter Process




Inspection Line

(580) 581-3362


The inspection line goes directly to an answering machine on which you can leave your inspection request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Requests called in prior to 9 am are normally same-day inspections. Most requests called in after 9 am will be put on the next business day’s log; however, there are some inspection requests that are always same-day inspections:

  • Inspections for the restoration of existing residential electric and/or gas service
  • Inspections related to the pouring of concrete
  • Inspections related to an open trench (water line, sewer line, gas line, etc.)
  • Re-inspections


Inspections are conducted on a first-come first-served basis. To schedule a specific inspection time, please contact our office, (580) 581-3360, and ask to speak with an inspector in your trade. Once you and the inspector have agreed on an inspection time, you must then call the inspection line and formally request your inspection.
Inspections that are not called in on the inspection line will not be conducted.

Commercial building final inspection requests must be called in to the inspection line first. Please leave a good call-back phone number. Also, most commercial building final inspections will be scheduled with the Fire Marshall’s Office. Once the inspector has scheduled your building final inspection with the Fire Marshall, you will be contacted and given the scheduled date and time. Commercial building final inspections are usually scheduled within 3 business days of the request.


Please Note: Only contractors licensed with the City of Lawton are eligible to request inspections. The only exception is for property owners currently living at the residence for which the inspection is being requested AND who personally did the work to be inspected. All property owner inspection requests must be paid in advance of the inspection being conducted. Also, the inspection line is an answering machine, so please remember to speak slowly and clearly!



Business Licenses


The following is a list of some of the types of businesses that are licensed/permitted through this office. Our City business license/permit does not take the place of any State or County required license/permit.


Alcohol/Beer Establishments

Body Piercing Parlors/Artists

Child Care Facilities

Contractor’s Licenses (Bldg, Elec, Plumb, Mech, Sign)

Firework Stands/Displays

Food Establishments

Itinerant Vendors/Solicitors/Peddlers


Precious Metal Dealers

Secondhand Dealers

Taxicab Companies/Drivers

Tattoo Parlors/Artists

Wrecker and Towing Services


To obtain an application for a business license/permit, please visit our office located at 212 SW 9th Street, Lawton, Oklahoma. For a complete list of the types of businesses that the City of Lawton licenses/permits, or to see the regulations pertaining to the various types, see Lawton City Code Chapters 4, 7, & 12.




Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions that pertain to the City of Lawton License & Permit Division. Browse through the "FAQ's" and click on the question following the "+" sign to see the answer. You can hide the answer by clicking on the question again.

+ What type of work requires a building permit?

- Any brand new construction (If the structure existed at one time and is not there now, or it is going to be removed to make way for the new, then a building permit is required, to include sheds and fences.)


Fences (new location or when new post holes are dug)

Retaining walls

Sheds (on a permanent foundation, regardless of size, or 200 sq ft or greater in size)


Swimming Pools

Signs (permanent or temporary)

Remodels (Always call and ask first before any work begins. This is not an easy yes or no question.)



Change of use/occupancy of an existing building


For any question as to the requirement for a building permit, please call our office and ask to speak with a Plans Examiner. Questions will not cost you anything to ask, but if work is done that has to be undone, it will cost you double.


Please see the BUILDING PERMIT SUBMITTAL CHECKLIST HANDOUT for an abbreviated list of what requires a permit.


The following list of work does not require a permit, but in some cases does require an inspection:

Sheds not on a permanent foundation and under 200 sq ft in size

Fences (when new post holes are not being dug)

Water tanks supported on grade

Finish or cosmetic work

Electrical maintenance and repairs

Replacement of minor parts on gas equipment that does not alter the approval

Portable gas appliances

Steam, hot or chilled water piping

Self contained refrigeration systems with ten pound or less of refrigerant

Stopping plumbing leaks without the replacement of piping or fittings

As a general rule, if service is extended, an inspection is required.


+ How long does it take to get a building permit?

- The review time is based on the scope of the project. Most small residential projects can be reviewed within 1-2 business days. Larger residential projects may take up to 1 week. Most small commercial projects are normally reviewed in less than 1 week. Larger commercial projects normally have more than one review, and the first review with revision comments sent back to contractor may take up to 2 weeks. All review time is dependent on the Plans Examiner’s work load and the completion of the submission. Projects are reviewed in the order they are submitted. Code allows up to 30 days to review a submission.

+ What does a building permit cost?

- A plan review fee is due when the building permit application is submitted with the plans for review, and the building permit fee is due when the permit is picked up. For a list of the plan review fees and building permit fees see Lawton City Code Appendix A-Fees and Charges Chapter 6


+ Am I required to hire a contractor?

- If you own and occupy your house as your primary residence, you are not required to obtain a building contractor’s license or hire a licensed building contractor in order to obtain a building permit to do work at your residence--you are acting as your own building contractor. You may also do your own trade work; however, all work must comply with code and be inspected by the City as though someone had been hired to do the work. If you own the house, but do not live there, you are required to obtain a building contractor’s license or hire a licensed building contractor to obtain a building permit to do work at that house. All trade work must be done by a licensed contractor in that trade, and again all work must comply with code and be inspected by the City. All commercial projects require a licensed building contractor to obtain a building permit to do work at that location. The building contractor is responsible for the work for which a building permit is issued. The building contractor is responsible for hiring licensed trade contractors and ensuring that all the appropriate inspections are requested and passed. Note: A licensed contractor in each trade must request inspections for that trade only.

+ Who is responsible for obtaining a building permit?

- The property owner or owner’s agent. The person who is intending on doing the work should be listed as the building contractor on the building permit application. The listed building contractor must sign the building permit application, accepting responsibility for the work. If you hire a contractor to do the work, review your contract with them carefully and make sure that it specifies who is to pull the building permit and who is responsible for the work. Ultimately, the property owner is responsible for what happens on their property.


+ Am I required to have a Food Handlers Card?

- If you handle ANY non-prepackaged food, including ice, for public human consumption, then you are required to obtain a food handler’s card .

+ When and where are the classes to obtain a Food Handler’s Card ?

- The following link returns a complete schedule of classes

[Food Handler Class Schedule]

All classes are held inside the new City Hall, 212 SW 9th Street, Lawton, Oklahoma.


+ What does a business license/permit cost ?

- See Lawton City Code Appendix A-Fees and Charges Chapters 4, 7, & 12

+ How do I get an inspection to have my utilities restored after my gas or electric meter has been removed?

- You must hire a licensed plumbing contractor for gas or licensed electrical contractor for electric to come out and look over the structure and meter base. Once his work is completed, the licensed contractor should call in and request an inspection. Once the inspection is passed, the gas or electric company should be able to replace your meter and restore your service .

+ May I fax or mail in my application ?

- If the building permit application and plans can be submitted legibly by fax, it is permissible; however, no review will begin until the plan review fee has been submitted. Building permit submissions may be mailed in provided they include the application, plans, and correct plan review fee. Business licenses may be faxed to us if all documents are legible, but will not be considered officially submitted until the license/permit fee is received. Business license applications may be mailed to us provided the license/permit fee is submitted with the application. Background checks must be original documents with an original signature.

+ Where can I get a garage sale permit?


- Garage sale permits are sold at the Lawton Constitution, American Classifieds, and our office. Garage sale permits cost $5.00 and may be held up to three consecutive days. No one location is permitted to have more than 4 garage sale permits in a 12-month permit, with a minimum of 30 days between sales. See Lawton City Code Chapter 7-20-1 for complete regulations.