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Welcome to Lawton and Southwest Oklahoma

Lawton has many diverse locations and we take pride in being a "Film-Friendly Town" offering you low cost, quick response, and sourcing for your film projects. We can be a resource for you no matter the production phase. We are Forbes' List of the top 100 places for business working closely with the Oklahoma Film & Music Office and other state offices. A message from the Oklahoma Film & Music Office below addresses recent State of Oklahoma Incentives.

Production Incentives In 2007, the Mayor and City Council adopted and approved Resolution 07-05 as ameans to enhance and assist production. To see the Resolution in its entirety, see the link, "Production Support & Incentives". It allows for consideration of fee waivers and other city services, equipment, and locations free of charge.

The Arts and Humanities Division's office can assist you with location scouting, finding office space, parking, storage, and other needs. Also, we can provide assistance in casting calls and other press releases through our "Arts E-vine" and the Lawton Arts and Entertainment Magazine.

For more information about what the City of Lawton has to offer, contact the Arts and Humanities Division's Office at 580-581-3470, 580-581-3471, or via email at To learn more, a brief history of our area. Production photo courtesy of Yousef Kazemi/”Swirl”




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State of Oklahoma Film Incentives

The Oklahoma Film & Music Office, a division of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, works to attract film, television, video, and music industries to Oklahoma through an effort to promote and expand these values and interests within the state. The Film & Music Office is committed to providing critical support to filmmakers by assisting them with their production concerns. Additional information can be found at

For direct inquiries, call (405) 230-8440, email:

Please visit the Oklahoma Film & Music Office's web site at: