Production Support and Incentives


The Mayor and City Council of Lawton adopted and approved Resolution 07-05 in 2007 to enhance and assist production and the making of motion pictures, television segments, and television shows.

"Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Lawton, Oklahoma, that the City Manager is authorized to assist motion picture and television production in the production of motion pictures, television programs, videos, and the recording of music by temporarily suspending certain requirements of the Lawton City Code and certain Resolutions of the City Council including but not limited to the closing of streets, making streets available only to one way traffic, providing for no parking zones, waiver of certain application procedures such as parade permits/assembly permits, authorizing temporary food-service establishments and food handlers licenses, waiver of the noise restrictions both as to loudness and time and a waiver for light pollution of neighborhoods for the duration of the production of the motion picture, television show, video, or the recording of music. In addition, the City Manager may waiver certain application, inspection and licensing fees. In no event will the City Manager waive any inspection requirements. The City Manager may authorize the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief to provide assistance with the production aspects. In no event will the authorization extend beyond thirty calendar days for any single production."

To see the Resolution, click here Resolution 0705