City of Lawton


Lawton Arts & Humanities Council's

Lawton Cultural Awards


Deadline November 4, 5pm




2016 Nomination Guideline and Form PDF


2016 Nomination Guideline and Form DOC



Since 1971, the City of Lawton and the Lawton Arts & Humanities Council recognizes those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cultural life of our community. This recognition is given in the form of six award categories:

Roma Clift Montgomery* Citizen of the Arts
Roma Clift Montgomery Citizen* of the Humanities
Educator in the Arts
Educator in the Humanities
Business/Organization in the Arts & Humanities
Artist of the Year


Congratulations to the

2015 Lawton Cultural Award Recipients



L-R: One to Six Artist Janie Griffin with Allison Yates, Educator in the Arts; Steve Southerland, Artist of the Year; Sandy Hunsucker, Roma Clift Montgomery Citizen of the Arts; Craig Riha, Golden Corral, Business in the Arts and Dr. William Jolly, Roma Clift Montgomery Citizen of the Humanities

Call the Arts & Humanities Division for more information

at 580-581-3470 or 581-3471





*About Roma Clift-Montgomery, first recipient

Cultural Award Winners

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Left to Right, artwork by John Hernandez: Martha McCartney, RCM Citizen of the Arts; Alan Jolly for Southwest Exteriors, Business in the Arts; Virginia O'Leary, RCM Citizen of the Humanities; Kelly Martin, Educator in the Arts; Dr. Terence Freeman, Educator in the Humanities; Tom Biggs, Artist of the Year; & John Hernandez, 2014 One to Six Art Purchase Award Winner



Left to Right with artwork by Santos Rubio: Neil West, RCM Citizen of the Arts; Tim Sauptty, Artist of the Year; John G. Morris, Educator in the Humanities; Scott Richard Klein, Educator in the Arts; Larry Campbell for Southwest Pride Barbershop, Organization in the Arts; and Victor & Martha Leary (Martha unable to attend), RCM Citizen of the Humanities



Left to Right with artwork by Myron Beeson: Business in the Arts, City National Bank (Paul Elwanger); Educator in the Humanities, Dr. Von Underwood accepting for Tony Allison; Debbie Wood; Educator in the Arts; RCM Citizen of the Arts, Kelly & Teresa Pendergraft; Artist of the Year, Mandee Thomas; RCM Citizen of the Humanities, Catherine Caccioppoli, and "One to Six Artist", Myron Beeson



Left to right front row: Ronda Norrell, RCM Citizen of the Humanities; Tom & Barbara Bullock with Tom Biggs artwork RCM Citizen of the Arts; Greg Hoepfner, Ph.D., Educator in the Arts; Kim Baker, Executive Director, Oklahoma Arts Council


Left to right back row: Tom Biggs, One to Six Artist; Ana Basora Walker & Jay Walker, Business in the Arts & Humanities; Patrick Hill, Artist of the Year; and Wallace Moore, Sr., Educator in the Humanities