Dec 1: 10am- 4pm, Hide Tipi Making Course with Emphasis on History of the Comanche Tipi; Making a Painted Catlinish Style Hide Tipi with Historian & Artist Jimmy Arterberry

   The class size for this course is limited to 15 students, for age appropriateness, please call the Arts & Humanities Division. This workshop covers the transitional history of Comanche tipi manufacturing and allows for individual expression, similar to that of artist George Catlin.  Participants will learn about the history of the Comanche tipi design, cut and sew hides to create a 15” high tipi, as well as paint.  Jimmy Arterberry is a gifted contemporary American Indian Artist as well as Comanche scholar and historian of his tribe.  He is a member of the Antelope (Quahada) band from Indiahoma, Oklahoma. As the Comanche Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Arterberry utilizes his experiences to address cultural preservation issues through his artwork. Fee: $35/student. (Right, courtesy image of George Catlin painting from

Registration form available for download - 2012 Sharing the Spirit Workshop Registration Form

For more information call the Arts & Humanities Division at 580-581-3470 or 581-3471.

For more information on George Catlin, visit the websites below:

Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery