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    Fort Sill Information
    +Is there a high traffic volume into post, specifically in the A.M. hours?
    -Of course there is a higher amount of traffic during peak times, such as PT. Gate guards have I.D. scanners which help to speed up the process. Overall, traffic is not as heavy as at Fort Bliss

    +What is the wait time for On-Post Housing?
    -The average wait time is 12 months. That number can always change so it is important that Soldiers go to the Housing Office as soon as possible. On-post housing will become privatized on Nov. 1, 2008. There are many homes and apartments available for sale or rent off post.

    +How soon can a Soldier get on the waiting list for On-Post Housing?
    -A Soldier can apply for housing on the day they sign out on leave.

    +What is the weather like in the Fort Sill area? Is it really always windy?
    -It can get windy especially in the spring and fall. There is occasionally snow, although it doesn't usually stay long. Summer is quite warm.

    +Are there other schools besides Cameron University in the area?
    -There are many opportunities for education within Oklahoma: (Including)
    Great Plains Technology Center, Lawton
    Caddo Kiowa Technology Center, Ft. Cobb (40 mins)
    Western Oklahoma State College, Altus (45 mins)
    University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha (42 mins)
    University of Oklahoma, Norman (1 hr, 18 mins)
    Oklahoma State University, Stillwater (2hrs 27 mins)
    Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City (1 hr 17 mins)
    Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City (1 hr 17 mins)
    University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond (1 hr 32 mins)
    Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma City (1 hr 17 mins)
    There are many more schools and universities throughout the State taht offer on-line classes as well.

    +Can students transfer their grades?
    -Lawton Public Schools (LPS) will ensure that credits transfer and that students are not penalized for being military. The school district also has a Military Child Committee, which assists in making new military students feel welcome and helps to get them involved in school activities and programs

    +Do Military Units sponsor schools?
    -Yes. Fort Sill and LPS collaborate through the Army Partnership with Lawton Area Schools (APLAS) to provide tutoring and mentorship opportunities.

    +How many school days are students allowed to miss?
    -Students are allowed to miss up to 10 days per semester once enrollment begins.

    +Are home-schooled children allowed to participate in school sports?
    -No. The regulations are similar to those in Texas. Only children enrolled in the school are eligible for school activities.

    +Do you have a list of area schools, besides Lawton Public Schools?
    -Yes. Visit this link for a complete list.

    +Is there a hospital on Fort Sill?
    -Yes. Reynolds Army Community Hospital (RACH).

    +Does it take a long time for family members and civilians to get appointments at RACH?
    -Appointments can be made at or by calling RACH open access call-in line at 458-2000 beginning at 7:00am. Patients may also leave a message for the doctor to get a referral to an off-post clinic. They are authorized to seek medical attention at Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton.

    +Are there other hospitals in the area?
    -Comanche County Memorial Hospital (580) 355-8620
    Southwestern Medical Center (580) 510-2715
    USPHS Lawton Indian Hospital (580) 353-0350

    Events and Recreation
    +What type of events are going on in the area?
    -Visit any of the following sites to view current events in the area:
    MWR Events
    Chamber of Commerce
    Lawton Arts & Humanities
    McMahon Auditorium
    Great Plains Coliseum

    +What Pavilions are available in the Lawton Area and where do I go to reserve them?
    -As of 2008, there is a $25.00 per day use fee and $20 key deposit (the key deposit will be refundable when returned) required for each rental. We do not accept cash, only checks are accepted for both use and key fees.
    List of Pavilions:
    Elmer Thomas East
    Elmer Thomas West
    Mattie Beal Park
    Mocine Park
    Harmon Park
    35th Division
    Kid Zone

    +Do we have wading pools in town and where are they located?
    -35th Division - 6th & Columbia
    Mocine - 9th & Douglas
    Harmon - 14th & Bell

    +Are there recreation centers available?
    -Yes. Patterson Center - #4 NE Arlington - (580) 581-3485
    H.C. King Center - 1705 NW 20th - (580) 581-3481
    Owens Center - 1405 SW 11th St - (580) 581-3400

    +Is there a public pool?
    -The City's municipal pool is located on 11th St. If you are interested in more information about the pool this summer (2008), call the YMCA at (580) 355-9622.

    +How long is the Walking Path at Elmer Thomas?
    -2 miles.

    +Who do I call to get my utilities turned on?
    -Electric: American Electric Power - 888.216.3523
    Gas: Centerpoint Energy - 866.275.5265
    Water: City of Lawton Revenue Services - 580.581.3308

    +Who do I call about refuse service / collection / containers?
    -Solid Waste Collection: 580.581.3428

    +What is the process in turning on Water utilities?
    -Call Revenue Services at 580-581-3308, where they handle setting up new or renewing water accounts, turning on and/or off water services, and any questions about your billing. Also, visit this link to view rates:

    +Where do I pay my water bill?
    -Revenue Services is located in the north end of Wayne Gilley City Hall at 103 NW 4th Street, Lawton, OK 73501. Office Hours: M - F 8am to 5pm and Drive Thru hours: M - F 8am to 5pm.

    +Who do I call if my sewer is backing up into my house?
    -Wastewater Collection/Wastewater Maintenance (580) 581-3422 or visit the following link:

    City Regulations / Services
    +Where do I get my animals licensed?
    -Animal Welfare Division 2104 S 6th Street.
    Phone number: 580.581.3218.
    Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm or
    visit the website:

    +How do I find out City Regulations and Council Meetings?
    -Visit the following link or call the City Clerk's Office at (580) 581-3305

    +Who is my council member and what ward am I in?
    -Visit for a list of council members and call the City Clerk's Office for information about which ward you are in at (580) 581-3305.

    +Where can I purchase a garage sale permit?
    -The Lawton Constitution at 102 SW 3rd Street
    American Classifieds at 1811 NW Cache Road
    License & Permits Room of City Hall, 212 SW 9th Street

    +Where can I purchase City hunting, fishing & boat permits?
    -Besides License & Permits in City Hall, 212 SW 9th Street, there are several lake permit agents in town and around the lakes:
    Cache Road Ice Dock, 1226 NW Cache Rd, Lawton (580) 248-2999
    Elgin Bait Shop, Elgin, (580) 492-4945
    Comanche Co Motor Vehicle Agency, 902 SW 38th St, Lawton, (580) 355-3810
    Motor Vehicle Tag Agency, 1303 � SW Lee Blvd, Lawton, (580) 248-4565
    Native Dancer USA, 11920 Hwy 62, Elgin, (580) 492-6205
    Ralph�s Resort, Lake Ellsworth, (580) 492-4763
    School House Slough, Lake Lawtonka, (580) 529-2633
    Fisherman�s Cove, 2262 Fisherman�s Cove Dr, Elgin, (580) 492-4695
    Wichita Mountain Tag Agency, 11 Autumn Dr, Lawton, (580) 529-5298

    +Do I need a permit to replace my fence, extend my driveway, or put up a shed/accessory building on my property?
    -Yes. Please contact the License & Permits Center at (580) 581-3478 on how to apply for building permit.