Clean Air Tips

    Things you can do to help reduce air pollution in Lawton

 Limit your driving by riding the bus (1/2 price adult fares on Alert Days), walking, carpooling..

  Walk or ride a bicycle for short trips.

  If you have a choice, drive newer vehicles. They are likely to be less polluting.

  Turn off your vehicle's air conditioner on morning commutes when it's cooler.

  Wait until the evening to refuel cars and avoid mowing lawns - sunlight increases the effect of engine emissions on ozone levels. Escaping gasoline fumes rapidly transform into ozone.

 Keep your vehicle tuned and your tires properly filled.

  Decrease rush-hour traffic by either working at home or arriving and leaving work a little earlier or later than usual.

  Eliminate unnecessary auto trips - take your lunch to work instead of driving somewhere to eat; save shopping trips for another day; do as many errands as possible in a single trip, but not during rush hour.

  Drive under 60 miles-per-hour on the highways.

  Do not idle your car. Stop and start it when you are ready to go, because idling uses more fuel. For example, turn off your engines while stopped for a train or during other waiting periods.

 Avoid drive-through windows at restaurants, banks, cleaners, etc.

  Limit use of charcoal starter fluid and other products that contain hydrocarbons. Use an electric or chimney-type fire starter for your grill.

  Limit use of two-cycle engines (i.e. lawn mowers).

  Make sure gas caps on autos, lawn mowers, and other equipment seal properly.

  Do not use gas powered garden equipment. Direct crews to use time for mechanical maintenance or use human powered tools for the task.

 Limit use of oil-based paints, solvents, cleaners or varnishes. They give off vapors that add to the ozone problem.

  Conserve energy in the house to reduce energy needs. Shut your blinds and close off rooms that do not need to be air-conditioned. Turn off unneeded lights and appliances.