About Our City Manager...

Bryan P. Long, MPA
City Manager, Lawton, OK


Bryan P. Long was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma on October 21st, 1971. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Huey P. Long, as a third-generation public administrator. Bryan married the former Ms. Melissa A. Crose in August of 1995; they have three children, Tanner, Baylee and Carter Long.


Bryan graduated from Mustang High School, located in Mustang, Oklahoma, in May 1989. It was immediately after receiving his diploma that he made the decision to enlist in the United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR). He entered USMC boot camp in June of 1989 and graduated with honors in September of that same year. Following his success in military service he made the decision to pursue his higher education aspirations. Bryan commenced his undergraduate general studies at Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City Branch. During his first semester of college he was activated for military service in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm where he served the next 9 months in combat operations.


Upon returning from Operation Desert Storm, Bryan immediately resumed his undergraduate studies while concurrently attending the Officer Candidate School, Platoon Leaders Class (PLC), junior and senior courses. In May of 1995, nearly 3 years after returning from Operation Desert Storm, he successfully earned his Bachelor of Arts majoring in political science with a minor concentration in municipal management from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). Shortly after receiving his B.A. degree he was commissioned to the rank of Second Lieutenant and received orders for active duty service. The ensuing 4 years of his military service included various duty stations including: Quantico, VA, Camp Lejeune, NC, and overseas deployments with the 2 nd Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF). He was honorably discharged as a Captain from the USMC in November 1999.


Bryan diligently pursued his interest in public service immediately following his decorated military service. Although he had no direct experience to speak of in the field of public administration he would not be discouraged in his quest to become a City Manager. Bryan effectively drew upon the unique challenges, opportunities, and experiences he attained while serving in his father’s 1990 and 2000 campaigns for Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor and United States Senator. In late September 1999, Bryan was offered the opportunity to serve as Spencer Oklahoma’s City Manager which was, coincidently, where his father, Huey Long, began his own public administration career. He enthusiastically accepted the Spencer’s offer which reinvigorated his innate calling to public service.


While serving as Spencer Oklahoma’s City Manager, Bryan facilitated the development of modern public service systems by employing his technical expertise of computer hardware and software systems. Additionally, he worked to provide the community with public infrastructure improvements such as a new wastewater treatment facility, road and highway improvements, economic development initiatives, and renovating public safety facilities. In large part, the success of his tenure was made possible by streamlining local and county government efforts and interactions to become more effective and responsive through collaboration with regional public officials.


In mid October 2000, Bryan made the decision to explore an alternative career path in the private sector. His interest in computer technologies, and particularly website development, seemed to present the perfect opportunity to continue providing a valuable service to the public sector while working in the private sector. Bryan contacted INCODE Systems, Inc., A Tyler Technologies Subsidiary who works exclusively with political subdivisions, in late 2000 to discuss the potential of beginning work as their first ever full-time website developer. This opportunity presented itself shortly thereafter and Bryan designed, managed and maintained over 30 municipal websites throughout Oklahoma and Texas. In addition to managing these website projects, he conceptualized and developed an Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) software program which was designed to accept and transfer funds from electronic commerce client websites developed by INCODE.


Following a 4 year hiatus from public service, Bryan came to the realization that he excelled in working with people rather than programs. Recognizing his true passion for public service he began seeking out another opportunity as City Manager. In 2004, this search came to end when the City of Oak Grove, Missouri offered an exceptional opportunity to serve as that community’s City Administrator. Oak Grove, Missouri which is located within the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area exposed him to a number of new and exciting professional growth opportunities which up until this point had not been encountered. One of the primary issues that the City was facing upon his arrival was the challenge of providing adequate utility infrastructure to an ever increasing population as well as planning for the highest and best land uses.


As Oak Grove’s City Administrator Bryan successfully addressed growing infrastructure demands by managing the design and construction of a brand new 5 million gallon per day (5 MGD) mechanical wastewater facility including a 20 mile interceptor main. This project was born out of necessity, but mandated by the State’s Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). The primary obstacle for him to overcome was educating the general public as to the need of this infrastructure and how it would serve the public at the current time as well as in to the future. Bryan was also tasked with overcoming the stigma created by numerous wastewater backups into citizen’s homes prior to this improvement and establishing a service rapport with the community at-large.


Bryan ’s efforts led to the resolution of 15 lawsuits against the city which existed upon his arrival to only 1 unsettled lawsuit upon his departure. His transparent, open and honest approach to dialog with internal and external colleagues and constituents greatly assisted the city in bridging a large and damaging communication gap. His calm demeanor and resolute leadership example largely contributed in restoring order within the community, reestablishing productive dialog within the community, and setting a positive example which was admired by civic leaders within the region and constituents alike. His exceptional ability to build upon the community’s strengths, charm and charisma was epitomized in the community’s 2008 Downtown Revitalization Project. This economic development initiative was recognized as the 2008 Transportation Project of the Year awarded through the Kansas City Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) due to its highly innovative approach to economic development, functional design, and appealing aesthetics. While working in Oak Grove, Bryan pursued his graduate degree, Master of Public Affairs (MPA), at Park University, Parkville, Missouri, which was successfully achieved with a final grade point average of 4.0 with distinguished honors.


In August 2008, Bryan accepted the progressive opportunity of Assistant City Manager in Lawton, Oklahoma. As one of Oklahoma’s largest cities with the City Manager-Council form of government encompassing its own metropolitan statistical area (MSA) he understood the unique opportunities and challenges that this professional endeavor would offer. Upon reporting for work he was emerged in an organization of nearly 900 full time employees which demanded a considerable amount of time, energy, attention and supervision. Once again, his strong and personable leadership style and example have demanded nothing short of organizational excellence. As the sole Assistant City Manager he was appointed to the dual role of Community Services Director and had significant interaction with the building and development community, and is actively engaged in crafting effective public policy recommendations affecting the community at-large.


Some of Bryan’s recent accomplishments while working at the City of Lawton include serving as the oversight manager for the City Hall renovation project on old Lawton High School, acting as management liaison for the newly established Graphical Information System (GIS), preparing and submission of the Americans Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) Energy and Efficiency Community Block Grant (EECBG) which yielded a formula grant award totaling $890,500, assisting in the preparation of a municipal budget exceeding $117 Million (e.g. Operations and Maintenance, Capital Improvements, and Rolling Stock), and compiling and preparing a comprehensive salary study for nearly 120 non-union city employees which was subsequently adopted by City Council. On February 26 th , 2013, Bryan was selected and appointed by the Mayor and City Council as Lawton’s new City Manager following a national job search which yielded over 40 candidates.


Bryan has actively participated in the following professional organizations: United States Marine Corps (USMC), Missouri City Managers Association (MCMA), Missouri Municipal League (MML), Mid America Regional Council Insurance Trust (MARCIT), City Management Association of Oklahoma (CMAO), Oklahoma Municipal League (OML), and the International City/County Managers Association (ICMA).


The City Manager’s Office can be contacted by telephone at (580) 581-3301 or by mail at:

Bryan P. Long

City Manager

212 SW 9th Street

Lawton, OK 73501

Email: bplong@cityof.lawton.ok.us