Housing & Community Development
1405 SW 11th St
Lawton, OK 73501

Emergency Repair Assistance

The Emergency Repair Assistance project provides a grant to very low-income homeowners to make emergency repairs to their homes to correct problems which pose a health or safety hazard to occupants. Eligible activities include repair or replacement of a collapsed sewer line or repair or replacement of faulty electrical system, or gas service systems, or heating systems. The maximum allowable cost for each home is $5,000 per year.


Housing Improvement Assistance (HIP)

The HIP project, which is only available in targeted areas of the City of Lawton, provides a grant to very low-income homeowners to make repairs to the exterior of their homes. The project provides siding and/or painting, window and door repairs. The maximum allowable cost for each home is $5,000. The repairs must assist in the elimination of blight and slum in low-income areas.


Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance

The Homeowner Rehabilitation Assistance project provides differed loans to home owners for rehabilitation to their homes to preserve pride of ownership and the value of the home owner's equity and to expand the supply of decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing within the city limits of Lawton. This project is subject to a maximum expenditure requirement for rehabilitation. The priorities addressed under this project in order are:
1. City Code Violations
2. Lead Based Paint Violations
3. Health & Safety Issues
4. Sanitary Housing Issues
Rehabilitation Assistance is only available once in a lifetime to either a residence or family.


Rental Rehabilitation Assistance

The Rental Rehabilitation Assistance project provides rehabilitation assistance to owners of single or multi-family rental housing. It encourages investment in affordable rental housing in the community. Property owners must agree to provide 50% of the funding from other sources. Property owners must agree to make assisted units available to low-income families for a specified period of time based on the amount of HOME Program investment. Application for rental rehabilitation are only accepted during the annual application cycle, which is usually the December - January timeframe.



The Demolition project provides funding to very-low income property owners for the demolition of structures that have been designated by the City as dilapidated and causes a blighting influence in the city.