Emergency and Weather Alert Information

The City of Lawton has contracted with Everbridge to provide disaster related emergency notifications, provided by city and county officials, and weather warnings provided by the National Weather Service.  Emergency Management and Emergency Services encourage every citizen of Comanche County to sign up for emergency notifications. The system allows for multiple phone numbers, emails, and text notification. Emergency Management and Emergency Services will be able to send emergency messages county-wide or they can limit to the specific area affected. In order to receive these messages every citizen is asked to sign up for the service. Currently the system does have information provided by the white pages and yellow pages; however, it does not contain unlisted numbers, cell phones, email addresses, or SMS devices. Every citizen will be capable of adding these devices and managing changes by following the links provided below.  


An email account is required to activate weather notification. Please review the information on the Everbridge site and choose what is best for you!





For further Tornado information, please see our Tornado Page.