November 20, 2008

11:00 A.M.

Fairfield Inn

201 SE 7th Street

Lawton, Oklahoma



1.                  Meeting called to order.

2.                  Approval of minutes of May 15, 2008.


New Business


3.                  Consider approving a resolution adopting Amendment No. 1 to the Fiscal Year 2009 Unified Planning Work Program for the Lawton Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process.

4.                  Discuss amending the Bylaws to include a representative from Friends of the Trail as a nonvoting member.

5.                  Reports.


7.                  Adjournment




















AThe Lawton Metropolitan Planning Organization (LMPO) encourages participation from all of its citizens.  If participation at any public meeting is not possible due to a disability, notification to the Planning Division at (580) 581-3375 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting is encouraged to make the necessary accommodations.  The LMPO may waive the 48-hour rule if interpreters for the deaf (signing) is not the necessary accommodation.@