Residential Pickup

Your Residential Refuse (Garbage and Trash) Collection

The Solid Waste Division provides refuse collection service to all Lawton residences. Your collector is responsible for about 1000 homes and 1100 carts each day!

The City of Lawton utilizes the automated collection method for the residential refuse collection process. Automated refuse trucks enable the collector to remain in the truck cab to increase productivity and decrease chances for worker injury.

Using hydraulic controls the driver guides a robotic "arm" out to grasp, lift and dump contents into hopper on top of the truck. The automated collection system requires adequate room for the robotic arm to grasp the cart. Cart(s) must be placed at least (5) feet from obstructions, such as mailbox, other carts, fences, utility meters, poles, landscape, etc. Drivers must remain in the truck cab to maintain the high level of productivity and low cost of the automated system. Excess trash exceeding the cart capacities will not be picked up. If you regularly experience an overflow of trash outside your cart, please consider, the additional cart(s) at a cost of only $5.00 per month for a minimum of 12 consecutive months, this will be added to your utility bill.

  • Cart is permanently assigned to the residence address
  • Cart is designed to hold up to 300 pounds
  • To prevent tipping, never push cart unless the lid is closed
  • Cart(s) are collected twice per week: Either Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday depending on location.

For questions or concerns, please call the

Solid Waste Division at 580-581-3413.

Here’s How It’s Done!

  • Carts must be placed on the curb/roadway no earlier than 5:00 pm the evening before and no later than 7:00 am on the designated collection day to ensure service.
  • Crews may work until dark if it necessary to complete routes.
  • Place cart(s) with handles toward the house and lid opening toward the street
  • Keep at least five (5) feet clearance around the cart to allow the "robotic" arm to grasp it.
  • To ensure your cart will remain free of insects and odors, trash and garbage should be bagged prior to placement in the cart.


Your cart can melt! Never place hot ashes in the cart. Do not place hazardous liquids or chemicals such as paints, oil, corrosive solvents, pool chemicals, pesticides, etc. Many liquids or chemicals may become dangerous and hazardous when mixed in the cart or in the collection vehicle from other addresses on the route.

Are You a Two-Cart Family?

You may wish to request additional carts if overflows are consistent every week. Cost of additional carts is $5.00 per cart per month which is added to your utility bill. To request an additonal cart, please call our office at 580-581-3413.


TAG! You're It!

Please read the Customer Notification Tags the collector leaves on your cart. It is the only way the collector has to communicate if there is a problem with the collection service. Tags advise what the problems are and how to correct it. For further information, please call the Solid Waste Collection Division at 580-581-3413.

Commercial Pickup

Here’s How It’s Done!

Solid Waste provides refuse collection services for Lawton businesses and multifamily (apartment) dwellings. The collector services about 200 containers per day. Containers sizes are 2, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard.

To maintain a high level of productivity, all refuse must be placed in the container. Waste outside of the container will not be collected. The collector is not responsible for reloading the container. Contact Solid Waste Services at 580-581-3413 when more service or extra dumps are needed. Nominal fees are charged for additional service or extra dumps and are added to the utility bill.

Some waste items such as furniture, mattresses, appliances, etc. can damage collection equipment and should not be placed into containers. Please call the Solid Waste Collections office at 580-581-3413 to schedule a bulk collection for the large items. This will get the correct equipment on the job for the collection to avoid worker injuries and reduce damaging collection equipment.

As a part of the service, customers are assigned to share use of metal containers of 2, 4, 6 and 8 cubic yard size. Containers are property of the City of Lawton and are permanently assigned to business addresses. The containers are designed to handle up to 6,000 pounds, however, never load dirt, concrete or other heavy materials into the containers. Customers will be asked to unload containers if they are overloaded due to weight.

Commercial container cost ranges from $58.38 to $710.12 per month depending on container size (4, 6 or 8-cubic yard) and service frequency (once to 5-times per week). Multiple containers are provided at apartments, school campuses or where waste volumes exceed one container serviced 4 times per week.

Some large businesses purchase an industrial stationary compactor with 25 to 42 cubic yard capacity, which is serviced by Lawton Solid Waste Services with special "roll off" hauling equipment. Charges for "roll off" services are $48.01 per ton with a 4 ton minimum of once a week dump plus $100.00 spot fee for placement. To set up this service Contact Lawton Solid Waste Collection Division at 580-581-3413.

We have a limited number of 20-yard open-top containers, so please call for availability. 580-581-3413

Your Bulk/Large Item Collection!

Residential customers are provided two bulk collections each year during the months of April and October. Please check the City Of Lawton home page for announcements regarding the dates.

Leave at least four (4) feet between large, bulk materials or all obstructions such as; mailbox, poles, fences, utility meters, etc. Bulk collection equipment uses a clam shell loader device which requires sufficient clearance for operations. The bulk pickup is only done once per area, so be sure to have items out on specified dates in the announcements.

Discarded appliances collected are RECYCLED as scrap metal.

Special Precaution: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all refrigerants (coolants, freon, etc.) to be evacuated and captured before refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners, etc. may be disposed. This requirement protects the environment from coolant agent release to the atmosphere which damages the ozone layer. All items that contain Freon are required to have the Freon evacuated and tagged by a licensed professional before the City of Lawton can pick up those items. You may also take those items to the City of Lawton Landfill where you may have the Freon removed at no charge.

Christmas tree Recycling Program

Once each year Christmas trees are collected at no charge to citizens at the following drop-off points:

  • Kid Zone on NW 38th Street between Gore and Cache Road
  • Elmer Thomas Park on Ferris Avenue and 2nd Street.
  • .

    Trees will be placed in the area lakes for fish habitats. All trees must be clean of ornaments and decorations for this use.

    Contact Solid Waste Services at 580-581-3413