Photo of Victor Leary with 2013 Roma Clift Montgomery Citizen of the Humanities Award

The award was created by Santos Rubio,

winner of the "One to Six" Art Purchase Competition



Display of orginal stone and description prepared by Santos Rubio

The Lawton Arts & Humanities Council and the City of Lawton are pleased to announce that Santos Rubio is the recipient of the 2013 One to Six Art Purchase Award. His macro-photography was revealed at the Arts for All Kick-Off Luncheon with presentation of the Lawton Cultural Awards.

   Currently a resident of Oklahoma, Santos began his love for photography while growing up in Dallas, Texas. As a member of the United States Army and later as a Government Service employee, he got to travel the world photographing wildlife, historical monuments, Re-Enactments, and other world cultures. From this experience, he began to harness his technique into Macro-Photography. Today Santos can be found photographing the wonders of nature in flowers and our planet’s treasure trove of crystals and rocks. His photographs are on display at The Rusty Buffalo Rock Shop located at 18360 Hwy 49 in Medicine Park. Santos’s website is For commissions and other inquires, email: