Headliners - Past International Festivals


1999 - Khenany, music of Latin America; Los Caballeros, a local Tejano group; James Gilyard Ensemble, jazz from the Dallas area; Russian Kaleidoscope from Kansas City; Bhattacharyas from Lawton, The 77th Army Band from Fort Sill; and Ragas & Bayas from Lawton.


2000 - Michael Kern, with folk, jazz, and blues; Queen Anne’s Lace, Accapella Renaissance & Big Band; Donald Knaack the Junkman, with Junk music from a variety of styles and grooves; Polka Kings, German music; Steel Drum Band from Wichita Falls and Shati, Caribbean music.


2003 - Richard Hight w/Visual Mpact, Glen Roads Irish Band, Avizo Band, Ed Gary and the Louisiana Cajun Aces from Baton Rouge, Sky Shivers and the Rockin’ Horse Ranch


2004 - Polka Kings, Bamboula, Wayanay Inka, & Banish Misfortune


2005 - Polka Kings, OK Panhandlers, Watusi, Panorama, Broken Walls Visual Impact w/ Richard Heights, & Johny Summers


2006 - Beyond the Pale, Brave Combo, Carlos Guedes Trio, Dallas Czech Orchestra, ZAP! Zany Arts Players Prime Time Mime Players, Zorya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Polka Kings, Chairman of the Chord


2007 - Red Dawn Blues Band, American Indian Blues; OSU Trombone Choir; Polka Kings, German Folk and Rock; The New Plainsmen Quartet, Kumaasi, African Ensemble; Alma Folkloric de Oklahoma, Award-winning Mexican Folk group; Micheal Merrill, US music; and Arabesque, World Music with Puppets


2008 - Needfire (Celtic Rock), Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers, Under the Influence (Southern Rock/Country), Beyond the Pale (Celtic), Polka Kings (German polkas & rock), Arabesque World Music & Puppet, Blood Washed Blues Band, & LAAND (Greek)


2009 - Joseph Vincelli Band (Jazz), Needfire (Celtic Rock), Maren Morris (Southern Rock), Son del Barrio (Caribbean & Latin), Brave Combo (Grammy Award-Winning), Mariachi Orgullo de America & David G. Wonders of Tract & Friends


2010 - Needfire (Celtic Rock), Tin Can Phone (Reggae Rock), Tejas Brothers (Tex/Mex Southern Rock/Country), Southern Drive (Red Dirt Music/Southern Rock), & David G. Wonders of Tract & Friends


2011 - Needfire (Celtic Rock), Tekumbe' (Colombia & Latin), Del Castillo (Latin Fusion of Rock, Blues, and Flamenco), Sugarfree Allstars (Children's Concert), Teresa Black, Oklahoma Storyteller & Singer), & David G. Wonders


2012 - Needfire (Celtic Rock), Mikel & Bloodwashed Bles Band (Blues/Rock), Del Castillo (Latin Fusion of Rock, Blues, and Flamenco), Samantha Rose (Country, Pop, & Rock), Teresa Black, Oklahoma Storyteller & Singer), & David G. Wonders


2013 - Arbuckle Xpress (Country/Rock), Mike Griffin (Blues), Son del Barrio (Caribbean & Latin), & International Festival Dance with DJ


2014 - Brave Combo (Nuclear Polka & World Music), The Dirty River Boys (Rock/American) & Matt Stansberry & The Romance


2015 - Crosstown Groove and 77th US Army Band


2016 - Watusi Friday Night and unfortunately Tequila Azul and DJ Steve scheduled to perform Saturday but cancelled due to thunderstorms