March 14, 2007

McMahon Memorial Auditorium

For Children Grades K-4,

Theatreworks/USA presents a sparking musical revue based on eight popular children's books, including:

When a boy shares his snack with a hungry demanding mouse, he learns a hilarious lesson about cause-and-effect.


"Amazing Grace", by Mary Hoffman

Follow young Grace as she attempts to break stereotypes in an effort to play the title character in her school's production of Peter Pan


"Borreguita and the Coyote", by Verna Aardema

The classic Mexican tale of a little lamb, or borreguita, who uses her wits to escape a hungry coyote.


"Imogene's Antlers", by David Small

Young Imogene is delighted to wake up with "cool" antlers, but soon discovers that her parents and school principals do not share her enthusiasm.


"Martha Speaks", by Susan Meddaugh

The adventurous tale of a family dog who literally becomes outspoken after dining on alphabet soup.


"Master Man", by Aaron Sheppard

A man whose muscles are as big as his ego earns his comeuppance when he claims to be the strongest man in the world in this Nigerian tall tale.


"Math Course", by Jon Scieszka

This story playfully addresses the phobia some kids have when tackling seemingly impossible math problems.


"Owen", by Kevin Henkes

Owen just can't bear to part with his beloved blanket, Fuzzy - a problem, since his about to start kindergarten. Owen's understanding mother provides a clever solution.