City of Lawton


Lawton Arts & Humanities Council's

Lawton Cultural Awards


Deadline: 2017 November 3, 5pm




Forms to be available September 2017



Since 1971, the City of Lawton and the Lawton Arts & Humanities Council recognizes those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cultural life of our community. This recognition is given in the form of six award categories:

Roma Clift Montgomery* Citizen of the Arts
Roma Clift Montgomery Citizen* of the Humanities
Educator in the Arts
Educator in the Humanities
Business/Organization in the Arts & Humanities
Artist of the Year


Congratulations to the

2016 Lawton Cultural Award Recipients





Call the Arts & Humanities Division for more information

at 580-581-3470 or 581-3471





*About Roma Clift-Montgomery, first recipient

Cultural Award Winners

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Left to Right: One to Six Artist Janie Griffin with Allison Yates, Educator in the Arts; Steve Southerland, Artist of the Year; Sandy Hunsucker, Roma Clift Montgomery Citizen of the Arts; Craig Riha, Golden Corral, Business in the Arts and Dr. William Jolly, Roma Clift Montgomery Citizen of the Humanities



Left to Right, artwork by John Hernandez: Martha McCartney, RCM Citizen of the Arts; Alan Jolly for Southwest Exteriors, Business in the Arts; Virginia O'Leary, RCM Citizen of the Humanities; Kelly Martin, Educator in the Arts; Dr. Terence Freeman, Educator in the Humanities; Tom Biggs, Artist of the Year; & John Hernandez, 2014 One to Six Art Purchase Award Winner



Left to Right with artwork by Santos Rubio: Neil West, RCM Citizen of the Arts; Tim Sauptty, Artist of the Year; John G. Morris, Educator in the Humanities; Scott Richard Klein, Educator in the Arts; Larry Campbell for Southwest Pride Barbershop, Organization in the Arts; and Victor & Martha Leary (Martha unable to attend), RCM Citizen of the Humanities




Left to Right with artwork by Myron Beeson: Business in the Arts, City National Bank (Paul Elwanger); Educator in the Humanities, Dr. Von Underwood accepting for Tony Allison; Debbie Wood; Educator in the Arts; RCM Citizen of the Arts, Kelly & Teresa Pendergraft; Artist of the Year, Mandee Thomas; RCM Citizen of the Humanities, Catherine Caccioppoli, and "One to Six Artist", Myron Beeson