DISTRIBUTION:    Mayor and Council
            All Departments

SUBJECT:        Collection of Fees at the Sanitary Landfill

PURPOSE:    To establish a policy and procedures for collection of fees at the City of Lawton Sanitary Landfill.

BACKGROUND:    Personnel operating the gate house at the City landfill have experienced difficulty in administering the provisions of the City Code as it relates to the landfill fee exceptions.  It is often difficult to determine who in fact are residents of the City who are paying for refuse collection.  The term “residential solid waste” is not defined, therefore it is subject to interpretation.

PROCEDURE:    A.    As specified in the City Code, fees will be collected at the landfill gate on a per ton     basis at the rate provided in the fee schedule.  However, no charge will be assessed provided the following conditions are met:

1.    The solid waste from their own personal residence meets the definition of brushwood, garbage, refuse, rubbish or trash, or yard trash.

2.    The solid waste from their own personal residence must be hauled to the landfill in a family-owned passenger car, pickup, or truck up to and including a 1 Ton.  Any vehicle with commercial markings or tags will be assessed a fee. However, commercial vehicles bringing grass clippings or wood chips to the Landfill will not be assessed a fee as long as the grass clippings or wood chips are not contained in plastic bags or other similar containers and are not co-mingled with other wastes. Vehicles larger than 1 Ton will be assessed a fee.  No charge will be assessed for trailers hauled by a family-owned passenger car, pickup, or truck, 1 Ton and smaller.

B.    The person or persons hauling the solid waste from their own personal residence must be residents of the City of Lawton who are paying for refuse collection services in accordance with the provisions of Section 22-141, Lawton City Code. Users of the landfill desiring to dispose of refuse at no charge will be required to show evidence of Lawton residency. Individuals must present a current City of Lawton utility bill, reflecting a charge for refuse service.  If a utility bill cannot be presented, a current driver’s license reflecting an address within the corporate City limits of Lawton will be accepted.

    C.    The Landfill Superintendent is responsible for enforcement of this policy.

REFERENCES:    Section 22-141-144, 22-401, Lawton City Code, 1995, or as may be amended.

EFFECTIVE DATE:    This policy supersedes Council Policy 10-3 dated November 10, 1997, and will remain in effect until rescinded.


(CP10-3, Amended, 05/12/1998; CP 10-3, Amended, 11/10/1997)