Meeting of 2011-4-26 Regular Meeting

APRIL 26, 2011 –  6:00 P.M.

Mayor Fred L. Fitch                    Also Present:
Presiding                        Larry Mitchell, City Manager
                            Frank V. Jensen, City Attorney
                            Traci Hushbeck, City Clerk
COL Ray Lacey, Fort Sill Liaison

Mayor Fitch called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m. Notice of meeting and agenda were posted on the City Hall notice board as required by law.   Invocation was given by Pastor Byron Elmore, Calvary Assembly of God, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

PRESENT:                Bill Shoemate, Ward One  
Michael Tenis, Ward Two
Rosemary Bellino-Hall, Ward Three
Jay Burk, Ward Four
Rex Givens, Ward Five
Richard Zarle, Ward Six                    
Stanley Haywood, Ward Seven    
                    Doug Wells, Ward Eight

ABSENT:                    None


Richard Rogalski, Planning Director, presented a proclamation to Mayor Fitch, Chairman of the Lawton Metropolitan Area Air Quality Committee, proclaiming May 2-6, 2011 as Air Quality Awareness Week.


MOVED by Burk SECOND by Shoemate to approve the minutes of April 12, 2011. AYE: Zarle, Haywood, Wells, Shoemate, Tenis, Bellino-Hall, Burk, Givens.   NAY: None.   MOTION CARRIED.

CONSENT AGENDA: The following items are considered to be routine by the City Council and will be enacted with one motion. Should discussion be desired on an item, that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda prior to action and considered separately.

Mayor Fitch requested item #3 should be stricken and Wells requested items #13 and #17 be considered separately.   

MOVED by Shoemate, SECOND by Burk to approve the consent agenda with the exception of items #3, #13 and #17.   AYE: Bellino-Hall, Burk, Givens, Zarle, Haywood, Wells, Shoemate, Tenis.   NAY: None.   MOTION CARRIED.

1.    Consider the following damage claim recommended for approval: Freadrick Carney  in the amount of $722.51.  Exhibits: Legal Opinion/Recommendation and Resolution No. 11-19.                                    

2.    Consider adopting a resolution approving the settlement by a joint petition and making payment in the workers’  compensation claim of Juan Ayala.  Exhibits: Resolution No. 2011-20.                                                   

3.    Consider adopting a resolution approving the settlement by a joint petition and making payment in the workers’  compensation claim of Lena Galloway. Exhibits: Resolution No. 2011-___.    STRICKEN                                                      

4.    Consider authorizing the City Attorney to initiate litigation by filing a foreclosure law suit, in the Comanche County District Court to be styled City of Lawton v. Kayla J. Humble, et al and authorize payment of the 2007 property taxes in order to protect the City’ s mortgage lien.  Exhibits: None                                

5.    Consider approval of the Agreement for Administrative Professional Services with Jennifer Cargill, to work as a fill-in Legal Assistant in the City Attorney’ s Office, and authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Agreement. Exhibits: Proposed Agreement is on file in the City Clerk’ s Office.                            

6.    Consider adopting Res. 11-21 in support of the Mayor’ s Council of Oklahoma’ s initiative introduced in SB 233 to invest in Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Infrastructure.  Exhibits: Resolution 11-___ and SB 233.                                         
7.    Consider authorizing acceptance of the award of a $5,000.00 grant from the 2008 Homeland Security Grant Program.  Exhibits: Letter from Oklahoma Homeland Security.
8.    Consider allowing the Parks & Recreation Department to individually Co-sponsor with the Lawton/Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce, American Legion Baseball, Sam’ s Club #8239, Macarthur Baseball Booster Club, Lawton Athletic Foundation, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for a series of softball/baseball tournaments for the year 2011.  
Exhibits: None.                                             

9.    Consider approving Change Order # 5 for the Rehabilitation of Old Lawton High School Phase IV.  Exhibits: Architect’ s Change Order No. 5, dated April 7, 2011.             

10.    Consider acknowledging receipt of permits for the construction of sanitary sewer lines from the Oklahoma State Department of Environmental Quality to the serve the 27” Bishop Road Bypass Project, City of Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma.  Exhibits: None.                                                    

11.    Consider accepting the NW 2 nd Street Enhancement Project #2005-12 as constructed by RCJ Construction, Inc. and placing the Maintenance Bond into effect.  Exhibits: None.

12.    Consider approving the application for a Lease-Purchase agreement for the construction of approximately 2,366 linear feet of 12” diameter sanitary sewer main located in the SW and SE quarter of Section 22, T2N, R11W and the SW quarter of Section 23, T2N, R11W, near the intersection of NE 45 th Street and NE Cache Road.  Exhibits: Application for Lease-Purchase agreement and Location Map.                                                    

13.    Consider approving the Replat of Lots 1 through 4, Block 1, The Highlands, Part 1. Exhibits: Plat Map.                                            

Wells stated the commentary states that the City Planning Commission approved a replat subject to a condition and the condition has been met.  He questioned what the condition was.

Rogalski stated there were some numbers that were incorrect on the plat and they have been corrected.

MOVED by Wells, SECOND by Zarle to approve the Replat of Lots 1 through 4, Block 1, The Highlands, Part 1.     AYE: Burk, Givens, Zarle, Haywood, Wells, Shoemate, Tenis, Bellino-Hall.   NAY: None.   MOTION CARRIED.

14 .    Consider awarding (CL11-021) Thermoplastic Material & Epoxy Primer/Sealer to Ennis Paint, Inc. of Ennis, TX.  Exhibits: Department Recommendation, Abstract of Bids, Price Sheet.                                                      

15.    Consider awarding (CL11-020) Concession Operations McMahon Park to LaSill Optimist Club of Lawton, OK.  Exhibits: Department Recommendation, Proposal Price Sheet, Concession Operation Agreement.                                     

16.    Consider awarding (CL11-023) Cationic Polymer to Polydyne, Inc. of Riceboro, GA.  Exhibits: Department Recommendation, Abstract of Bids, Price Sheet.                        

17.    Consider canceling (CL10-005) Mowing Contract Area M & N to Pair Mowing of Lawton, OK.  Exhibits: Department Recommendation.                                      

Wells questioned the reason for the cancellation of the contract.

Kim Shahan, Parks and Recreation Department, stated they operated last year and they notified staff that they would not have a sufficient amount of employees this year to maintain this contract.

MOVED by Wells, SECOND by Zarle to cancel (CL10-005) Mowing Contract Area M & N to Pair Mowing of Lawton, OK.  AYE: Givens, Zarle, Haywood, Wells, Shoemate, Tenis, Bellino-Hall, Burk.   NAY: None.   MOTION CARRIED.

18.    Consider awarding (CL11-018) Mowing & Litter Contract Area G to Teen Challenge of Cache, OK.  Exhibits: Department Recommendation, Abstract of Bids, Price Sheet.

19.    Consider awarding (CL11-018) Mowing & Litter Contract Area H to 4-D Lawn & Landscape Co. of Lawton, OK. Exhibits: Department Recommendation, Abstract of Bids.
20.    Consider approval of payroll for the period of April 4 - 17, 2011.                  


21.        Hold a public hearing and consider an ordinance amending Sections 21-3-303, 21-3-304, 21-3-305, and 21-5-504, Chapter 21, Lawton City Code, 2005, modifying the requirements for park land dedication in the platting process and the use of those funds collected in-lieu-of park land dedication.  Exhibits: Ordinance No. 11-____ and
            CPC Minutes.                                                     

Richard Rogalski, Planning Director, stated at the request of the Councilman Dick Zarle and the Director of Parks and Recreation, the City Planning Commission (CPC) formed a committee to review the current rules in the City’ s subdivision code regarding park land dedication, with specific emphasis on the language regarding the disposition of the funds collected in-lieu-of park land dedication.  The committee consisted of two members of the parks commission, two members of the CPC, and two local subdivision developers. The committee met several times during the past month and developed the proposed code amendment.  This amendment proposes to simplify and clarify the process by which recommendations for park land dedication are made during the subdivision process and further defines the type and service area of parks based on size and available facilities. The language in code regarding the dedication of private parks is also strengthened, such that it is made clear that a provision of a private park of the same size will satisfy the park land requirements.  He stated it says that if a developer wants to provide a private park he will receive credit in terms of the fee in lieu of.  Those parks stay private and will be maintained privately.

Haywood questioned if anyone could go to a private park in a subdivision.

Rogalski stated a private park in a subdivision is generally owned by a homeowners association.  It is private property.

Jensen stated the association would be able to decide who would be able to use the park.

Wells stated he was under the impression that every subdivision had to dedicate land or funds in lieu of for park area.  He thought these were City of Lawton public parks and that is why we have 85 or so.

Rogalski stated if they do a private part the developer would get credit for it.  The park would substitute for his public park requirement.  The current code does allow this but it was not clear.  It would be part of the subdivision approval but council does not have to approve the subdivision with a private park.

Wells questioned how many private parks we have and are their rules that they have to maintain them?

Rogalski stated yes, they have to maintain them as a resident has to maintain their lawn.

Wells questioned if there were rules that required the developer to put in playground equipment, etc.

Rogalski stated there are not rules regarding what must be put in the park.

Burk stated that hopefully we are not ever going to take on another neighborhood park again.

Rogalski stated the code does not preclude that, it is still up to the park board and the council.

Burk questioned why they could not say that they did not want neighborhood parks.

Rogalski stated there are some places in town where a portion of the parkland is there and we are waiting to get another piece of the land before we get the whole park.  That is not the direction that staff was given.  The group felt like they should keep the option open because it is still up to the parks commissioners to say that they are not going to approve this neighborhood park.

Burk stated that we have 76 neighborhood parks that we have to maintain and we cannot afford it.  He feels if they want to do a private parks that is fine, but he feels that money in lieu of is the way to go so that we can give to our regional parks.

Shahan stated there are 76 neighborhood parks.  There are 6 community parks, there is one metropolitan park and there are two regional parks (two lakes).  The philosophy thirty or forty years ago was to design parks for neighborhood service.  The concept was to look at the ordinance and have the ability for monies that have been accumulated within the neighborhood structure would service a community area instead of just their neighborhood park.  It allows for existing funds that have been appropriated for neighborhood sites to serve that community area at that community park and/or serve the metropolitan or the regional level park.  In regards to the private park, the developer wanted the option to all least say that they want to build a neighborhood park, but the focal point would be for them to do it as a private operator and they would be responsible for it.   It would be recommended by the parks commission and the city council that they would have to do that as a private operating facility for them or they could give money in lieu of and that money would be able to serve the community.

Burk stated we have gotten ourselves in a mess and to be able to fix that would be to strike neighborhood parks and say to developers that you will do a private park or you will provide money in lieu of.  Then it will not have to go the parks commission or the council, we stop it right now.

Wells stated we also need a way to close down the parks that are not being used.  He stated we could sell that land and use those funds for community parks.

Shahan stated we are maintaining open space land and there could be some that could be sold.

Mayor Fitch stated there is no access to some of that land so it could not be developed.

Jensen stated they would have to look at each area and see how it was received.  He stated the council does not have to accept the dedication of a public park and you can put that in the ordinance.  There is some property that has started with the park land dedication in phases and they would have to decide whether to cut them off or phasing it in.  They would have to look at those issues.  They do not have to accept any more.

Shahan stated for the past ten years every request for a neighborhood park has been denied and they were told that we wanted the money in lieu of.  That is why there is an accumulation of funds.

Burk suggested they get rid of the neighborhood parks and they give those that are in phases an opportunity to finish.  We need to move on without those neighborhood parks.

Haywood stated we need the neighborhood parks because they need to think about the safety of the children in the neighborhood.

Burk suggested they make some changes to this ordinance before it is passed by council.

Rogalski stated if the council would like staff to modify the ordinance they can table this items.

Wells suggested they go ahead and pass this one so that the money can then be used for Elmer Thomas Park.  He stated the paper said that the majority of the funds have been expended.

Rogalski stated only a small amount has been expended.  He stated approximately $200,000 has been collected and only $20,000 has been spent.

Wells questioned if all of the funds will be used at Elmer Thomas Park.

Shahan stated he has an item that will come before the council next month for a recommendation.

Jensen stated that item will not be able to come before the council until this action is taken.

Wells stated in regards to the unused park land, if they decide to give it back, they should only give it back to those that will go on the property roles to pay taxes.

Burk questioned how they would decide which ones they can do something with.  What group would look at this and what criteria would they use.

Rogalski stated he would recommend they do a parks master plan and have someone come in and evaluate the usage.

Shahan stated the activity level is clearly defined by the usage and staff can determine those kinds of things.

MOVED by Burk, SECOND by Tenis to table.  AYE: Zarle, Haywood, Wells, Shoemate, Tenis, Bellino-Hall, Burk, Givens.   NAY: None.   MOTION CARRIED.

22.    Hold a public hearing to consider the Consolidated One-Year Action Plan for FFY 2011, receive input from citizens, and provide input for development of the plan. Approve the plan and pass Resolution 11-__ authorizing the execution of the plan and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the implementing documents necessary to implement the Consolidated One-Year Action Plan for FFY 2011. Exhibits: Resolution 11-___. A copy of the Consolidated One-Year Action Plan for FFY 2011 (Draft) is on file at the City Clerk’ s Office.                                               

Tim Libby, Assistant Director of Housing and Community Development, stated some of the information they provided is outdated.  The numbers were based on HUD telling them they would get a 16% cut in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and a 12% cut in the HOME program.  He stated the numbers they received today were approximately $1,000 off from each program.

Libby presented a series of slides on the Consolidated One Year Action for FFY 2011 and the HOME Program.

Wells stated that the Hearts That Care scored in fifth place and they got funded at about 25%.  He stated Roadback came in with a lower score but we are funding them at almost 75%.

Libby stated that drug and alcohol assistance is the number one community priority, therefore that gave Roadback large numbers.  He stated Hearts That Care is a medium priority in the consolidated plan.

Wells stated he would think that people getting free medical care would be a high priority. He suggested that if the City of Lawton receives more money than expected, we give Hearts That Care a little more funding.

Libby stated this is staff recommendation and they try to be fair.  The Council can suggest different funding.

Givens stated it seems that if several of these organizations asked for more funding, they got more funding.  He stated the allocations do not look right to him.

Libby stated they looked at the plan priorities as well as the weight of their application.

Givens stated that two or three organizations actually get increases over last year’ s funding and the rest get a lot less.

Haywood stated a lot of people do not have insurance and the Hearts That Care organization is very important.

Givens stated that if drug and alcohol treatment is the number one priority in the community, why would Roadback be reduced from 2010 where others are getting an increase.

Libby stated it was the weight of the application.  Some took the time to provide staff with the data they needed so that staff can provide that input to the federal government for future funding.  He stated this is a new group at Roadback and it ranked 6 th and 7th in the strength of the application.  He was asked by the CPC to come up with a numerical system to assign weights.  He stated the Council can change the recommendation.  They base this on the five year plan approved by the Council in 2010.  He tries to give one historical perspective and one numerical perspective.

Burk questioned why staff would recommend someone for funding if they did not fill out the application correctly.

Libby stated every year they have tried to eliminate someone, the council funds them anyway.

Haywood questioned if the Wichita Mountain Prevention Network applied for funding.

Libby stated no.  He stated there would not be enough money to fund the position for that program for the low/moderate income area.

Givens stated that he does not feel it is right to cut funding just because an organization does not have grant writing abilities.

Tenis stated he agreed, but there has to be parameters.

Libby stated in the application he required numbers that back up what they are doing in this community.

Givens stated some of these organizations go through some management problems and that could affect these applications.

Bellino-Hall stated that there has to be parameters in which to measure a program.  They need to see statistics showing that these programs are successful.  They cannot throw away this money frivolously.

Tenis feels that staff has done all the hard work and he has faith in their recommendation. There has to be measurements.

Haywood stated when dealing with these low income programs, you have to look beyond the paper.

Libby resumed the power point presentation.  He stated this year they took a 16% cut and the new federal budget does not include CDBG funding.  He tried to come up with a system that took into account some of the things that were important including did they show they were successful and are they a top ten priority in this community.

Mayor Fitch stated if the Council wishes staff to rework this item, they do not need to hold the public hearing.

Jensen stated there is a deadline of May 16 th to submit this information.  He suggested they complete the public hearing.


Charlie Baer, Christian Family Counseling Center, stated they have nine licensed professional counselors and one physician.  They use this funding to provide sessions at $50 per session.  For about every $1,000 they are cut from their requests, there are two or three families that will be denied service.  He stated that 88% of the people they have helped with CDBG funds are experiencing depression.  He stated they use OQ47, which is the most widely used outpatient mental health outcome test in the country.  It scores people at the beginning, at various times during the treatment and at the end of treatment.  

Haywood requested that Mr. Baer break down the clients by wards.

Mr. Baer stated he could do that in the future.

Virginia Spencer, Great Plains Improvement Foundation (GPIF), stated they operate the C. Carter Crain Shelter.  She stated their clients are able to stay at the shelter for up to six weeks.  They also have a transitional housing program.  She stated they also receive funding from United Way as well as private donations.  

Christina Erman, Roadback, Inc., stated they provide for the indigent of this community and the money helps in meeting the needs of the community and helping those who cannot afford treatment.  They are measured by national outcome measures and under those measures there are five in which they meet or exceed the state standards.  She stated the current funding is for recovery coaches.

Givens questioned who prepared the application.

Ms. Erman stated she did.

Haywood questioned how many clients live there during the transition period.

Ms. Erman stated in 2010 they serviced 1,004 different individuals.

Haywood stated some of their clients come from out of town.

Bellino-Hall questioned if they had the numbers showing their program was successful.

Ms. Erman stated they are monitored by the state as well as outcome measures.  

Leah Stout, Program Director of Marie Detty New Directions, stated they served 1,082 clients.  They are seeing a dramatic increase this year.  She stated all of their services are free of charge.  Their clients can receive inpatient and outpatient services for domestic abuse.  Currently their shelter has a capacity for 42 women and children.  She stated they also serve Fort Sill women and children.

Mitchell questioned how many of their clients come from Comanche County.

Ms. Erman stated that approximately 10% come from outside of the county, but they are coming to Lawton to relocate.  She stated 75% of their clients are from Lawton and 15% from the county.  She stated 95% of their clients are extreme low poverty.  Her average education level is high school.

Haywood questioned how long a client can stay in the center.

Ms. Erman stated a typical stay is 30 days, but there is no end limit as long as they are working on their goals.

Givens stated he does believe they have to look at statistics when applying for these funds, but the judging of these applications is subjective on the part of staff.  He does not understand why we reduced the funding for alcohol treatment and recovery if that is the number one priority in the county.  He stated this is very subjective and they all deserve everything they can get.

Burk stated that numbers can be skewed and that does not always show what is going on in an organization.  Some programs have an easier way of tracking than other programs.  He would like to see them fund these at last years’  numbers minus the $1,000 that was cut.

Wells stated he is not sure the numbers in the handout are correct.  He thinks these numbers are $20,000 off.  He questioned if he suggested they move $2,000 from one program to another, do they have to start the process over?

Libby stated the Council can decide what to do with the money.  Staff just makes the recommendation.


Wells stated he would like to recommend that they move $2,000 from Christian Family Counseling to Hearts that Care, which would make their amount $5,150 and approve the remainder as it.  

MOVED by Wells, SECOND by Haywood to decrease funding for Christian Family Counseling by $2,000 and increase Hearts That Care Health Clinic by $2,000.  AYE: Haywood, Wells, Shoemate, Tenis, Burk, Zarle.   NAY: Bellino-Hall, Givens.   MOTION CARRIED.

MOVED by Wells, SECOND by Haywood to adopt Resolution 11-22.  AYE: Wells, Shoemate, Tenis, Bellino-Hall, Burk, Zarle, Haywood.   NAY: Givens.   MOTION CARRIED.

23.     Receive a report on the City’ s financial condition for the 3 rd Quarter of Fiscal Year 2010-2011, and provide direction to staff.  Exhibits: None.                                               

Rick Endicott, Finance Director, stated the report is for the period of January 1 st through March 31st.  He stated we are 75% through our fiscal year.  The budgeted revenue for general fund and enterprise fund is at 73%.    Sales tax is down $71,000 from last year, but we have collected almost 74% of our budgeted revenue.  He stated franchise tax is up $150,751 compared to last year and we have collected 77% of our franchise tax.    Police fines and bonds are up $388,246 compared to last year and we have collected 78% of our budget this year.  He stated it looks like a healthy increase but last year the transfer from Municipal Court had not been made so the amount looks larger.  All other general fund revenue is up $445,000 and we have collected about 81%.   With the Enterprise Fund, water revenue is up $550,000 from last year and we have collected 71% of our budget. Sewer revenue is also up $18,000 and we have collected 69% and refuse collection revenue is down $38,732 and we have collected 71%.  Landfill revenue is down $516,000 from last year and our budget is right at 63%.  On expenditure side, we have spent almost 74% of general fund expenditures.  We have spent 72% of enterprise fund and all other is less than 69%.  He stated until the end of the year they really watch the budget as far as where we are at and where we need to be.  His philosophy is to only spend 90% - 95% of what is appropriated.  That helps with carry over purposes.  He stated we are doing well on the general fund side and that has picked up the slack for the enterprise side.


Shahan introduced Nick Heisler and Jim Whiteley who are actively involved in a hobby called Geocaching.

Nick Heisler, 419 NE 46 th Street, stated Geocaching is a worldwide hobby and is a family event.  Currently they plan to clean Mattie Beal park on April 30th as part of a trash off project.  He stated they are attempting to bring an event to Lawton next year which will be held at Lake Lawtonka and will bring in people from other states.

Shahan stated he feels this is a unique opportunity and he will be working with the chamber to develop a big event.


COL Lacey stated Sheridan Road gate will be closed on May 1st and they will open Fort Sill gate at the same time.   Other gates will be open for extended hours.

Tenis reminded the council that Trash Off will be held on Saturday, April 30 th.   He stated the new female roller derby league will be at the Coliseum Saturday night.

Burk stated he has a location chosen for the council to pick up trash on Saturday, but he will tell everyone on Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m.  They will also be selling trees for $10.

Mitchell distributed a master list of CIP projects for the workshop to be held on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.  

Earlene Maroon, a general employee at the police department, stated general employees have worked with the City Manager to save the retirement system, even though an arbitrator told them they didn’ t need to.  They help solve problems between employees and supervisors to avoid grievances.  She stated if the council decides not to negotiate with the general employees union, they will not have a voice.  Before the union was formed they had the Employee Advisory Council (EAC) and they just advised.  She stated the general employees unionized so they would have a voice.    Cities such as Enid, Norman and Midwest City have decided to keep the general employees union because they have saved taxpayers money.  She asked the council to consider this issue so they can work together.

The Mayor and Council convened in executive session at 8:14 p.m. and reconvened in regular, open session at 9:16 p.m.  Roll call reflected all members present.


24.    Pursuant to Section 307B.4, Title 25, Oklahoma Statutes, consider convening in executive session to discuss the pending case of Timothy and Rosemary Reed vs. City of Lawton, CJ-2008-1381, and if necessary, take appropriate action in open session.  Exhibits: None.                                            

Jensen read the title of item #24.

MOVED by Shoemate SECOND by Burk to adopt Resolution 11-23 authorizing the City Attorney to enter into an economic settlement agreement in the District Court of Comanche County, State of Oklahoma, for the sum of $6,500 as settlement of the lawsuit styled Timothy and Rosemary Reed vs. City of Lawton, CJ-2008-1381 directing the City Attorney to prepare a journal entry incorporating said resolution and settlement agreement for the courts approval.  AYE: Shoemate, Tenis, Bellino-Hall, Burk, Givens, Zarle, Haywood, Wells. NAY: None.   MOTION CARRIED.

25.    Pursuant to Section 307B.2, Title 25, Oklahoma Statutes, consider convening in executive session to discuss negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement for FY 2011-2012, between the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3894, and, if necessary, take appropriate action in open session.  Exhibits: None.                                            

Jensen read the title of item #25.  No action was taken.

26.    Pursuant to Section 307B3 and C10, Title 25, Oklahoma Statutes, consider convening in executive session for the purposes of conferring on matters pertaining to economic development, including the transfer of property and financing with respect to the purchase of parcels within the Lawton Downtown Redevelopment Project, for the hotel-conference center and the mixed-use commercial retail establishments and take appropriate action, if necessary, in open session.  Exhibits: None.                           

Jensen read the title of item #26.  No action was taken.

There being no further business to consider, the meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m. upon motion, second and roll call vote.
                             ____ /s/ Fred L. Fitch__________________    

____ /s/ Traci L. Hushbeck_____________