Meeting of 1995-5-23 Regular Meeting

MAY 23, 1995 - 6:00 P.M.

John T. Marley, Mayor,    Also Present:
Presiding    Gil Schumpert, City Manager
        Felix Cruz, City Attorney
        Brenda Smith, City Clerk

The meeting was called to order at 6:25 p.m. by Mayor Marley. Notice of meeting and agenda were posted on the City Hall bulletin board as required by law.

Present:    Jody Maples, Ward One
        Babe Whatley, Ward Two
        Joe Dutcher, Ward Three
        John Purcell, Ward Four
        Robert Shanklin, Ward Five
        Richard Zarle, Ward Six
        Carol Green, Ward Seven
        Robert Mitchell, Ward Eight
        Jim Branscum, At-Large No. 1
        Glen Alford, At-Large No. 2

Absent:    None

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: No one appeared to speak.


1.    Advertise for bids to install lights and finish all work on Grand View United Sports Complex fields - School System needs to Approve plans before advertising for bids.


2.    Ord. 95-22 approved for rezoning 8020 NW Cache Road; LUP amendment approved.
3.    Damage claim denied - Joseph Kearns.
4.    Transfer of Taxicab Certificate from Wolfenbarger to Thompson approved for Triple A Cab Co.
5.    Ord. 95-23 adopted amending Sec. 7-822A, & Sec. 7-827A, Chapter 7, relating to carnival permit fees.
6.    Res. 95-56 adopted amending Appendix A, Schedule of Fees & Charges, references applicable to Circuses, Carnivals and Amusement Rides.
7.    Approved exception to CP#34 & plans for left turn bay for southbound SW 38th Street to service proposed State Farm Service Center.
8.    Res. 95-57 "Free Fishing Days" at all City Lakes, June 10 & 11th, 1995.


9.    Damage claims: Rick L. & Mary Ann Richardson - $40; Joseph & Ruby Rouse - $250; Mabel J. Reynolds - Res. 95-58 - $844.62; David Towe through Dottie Waugaman, agent - $31.25.
10.    Res. 95-59 supplementing the appropriations of the General Fund.
11.    Sponsorship agreement for the Airport Master Plan between the City and Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.
12.    Lease agreement between Board of Education of Independent School District No. 8, for a police sub-station at Special Services Center, 2211 NW 25th Street.
13.    Robinson's Landing lease tabled by LWA, pulled from agenda for consideration of City Council.
14.    Street Light Resolution No. 383.
15.    Retainer agreement between the City and Mr. Ken Barnes in the Jasper vs. Logue Civil case.
16.    Release maintenance bond in the amount of $17,705.29 for Faircloud Addition, Part 2B.
17.    Construction plans for an off-site water line at SW 27th Street & SW Lee Blvd.
18.    Supplemental Agreement No. 3 for Rogers Lane Ph. IV Project and Engineering to prepare plans and specifications for in-kind services.
19.    Plans and Specifications for Rogers Lane Waterline Relocation Project 95-10 and advertise for bids upon acquisition of right-of-way.
20.    Change Order No. 1 for a deduct ($720.90); accept the central Fire Station Reroofing Project 94-14 as constructed by Ford Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. and place Maintenance Bond in effect.
21.    Inspection services contract to Brune Engineering in the amount of $4,880 for Fire Station #2.
22.    Contract with Medical Priority Consultants, Inc. to hold EMD training in Lawton.


23.    HVAC at Fire Station #1 pulled from agenda.
24.    Contract labor - Texhoma Temporary, Inc.
25.    Employee physicals/drug screening - Comanche County Memorial Hospital.
26.    Fire hydrant repair parts - Oklahoma Contractors Supply & Pioneer Supply; generate purchase orders to Hydraflo, Inc. ($1,306.40) & American Waterworks Supply, Inc. ($1,994.76).
27.    Laptop computer - Gateway 2000.
28.    Belt-driven mower deck - Construction Agriculture Co.
29.    City Code codification - American Legal Publishing Corp.
30.    Long distance service - U. S. Long Distance.
31.    Work clothing - Don's Uniform & Apparel.
32.    Extended contract for health and dental plans - Cher A. Bumps & Assoc.
33.    Extended contract for the E-911 system - Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.

34.    Mayor's Appointments: Status of Women - French, Hill; Carnegie Library Town Hall - Brock, Hester, Ross; Arts & Humanities Council - Scott, Pewewardy; McMahon Auditorium Authority - Mitchell; Carnegie Library Advisory Board - Green; Committee on Outside Water Sales - Shanklin, Dutcher; Council Committee on KCA Land Use - Green, Dutcher; Lawton Economic Development Authority - Purcell.
35.    Payroll approved.


36.    Negotiations between City and Fire Union, IAFF Local 1882, employment agreement for FY 95-96 approved.
37.    Settlement offer received in pending claim of Edward J. Burt, Namsim Burt, Julie A. Burt and Hazel I. French - Res. 95-60 approved settling all for $12,000.
38.    Erwin E. and Jackie S. Igo - pay ad valorem taxes on property from Council Contingency and proceed with foreclosure.
39.    Dennis and Rhonda McCants vs. City - offer $500 to trustee of settlement fund - pay from Council Contingency.
40.    Dorothy Hurley damage claim - Denied.
41.    Crescent Construction Co. litigation - pay taxes of $3,984 from Council Contingency and take title to property.
42.    Police Union, IUPA, Local 24 negotiations - no action taken.

REPORTS: Schumpert said he would be out of the office on Monday. Mayor Marley announced the new police chief would not be sworn in tomorrow. Green wished the Mayor happy birthday.

ADJOURNED AT: 8:35 p.m.