DISTRIBUTION:    All Departments

DATE:    November 12, 1992

SUBJECT:    Vehicle Maintenance & Marking

PURPOSE:    To establish an orderly maintenance system and systematic method to insure consistent vehicle identification.

BACKGROUND:    The City of Lawton requires many types of vehicles to accomplish its operations.  An orderly maintenance system and standardized marking system will provide more efficient control and keep downtime to a minimum.

PROCEDURES:    SCOPE:  This regulation shall apply to all motorized equipment, exclusive of police and fire equipment, which is owned by the City of Lawton.

RESPONSIBILITY:  It shall be the responsibility of the individual in charge of Equipment Maintenance to insure that city-owned equipment is properly marked and identified.

MARKING & IDENTIFICATION:  All vehicles which move under their own internal power, except heavy equipment, shall be marked and identified as illustrated in the attached drawings.  In addition, every vehicle shall have its identification number, on the sedans on the lower left side of the deck lid, on pickups on the lower left side of tailgate and on larger vehicles on the left side in a location that is legible and readily seen.  The numbering code and sequence will be established by the Equipment Maintenance Supervisor but shall be by division.  The official color of such vehicles shall be white.  An exception to this color scheme and markings will be subject to approval by the City Manager.

All equipment will have a maintenance number affixed to the chassis inside the driver's side door or as designated by the Equipment Maintenance Supervisor.

MAINTENANCE:  It is the responsibility of the user of every piece of equipment to perform routine operation checks before using the equipment.  At a minimum the oil level,  radiator coolant level, and battery should be checked every time the unit is filled with gas.

It will be the Division Supervisor's responsibility to insure that vehicles/equipment receive lubrication and/or oil change based on the following schedule.

a.    Police cars, 1/4-Ton Pickups, 1/2-Ton Pickups, 1-Ton Trucks - every 4,000 miles

b.    Detective cars, Admin., Inspection, Purchasing, etc.: not operated (8) hours per day - every six (6) months

c.    Trucks over 1 ton - every six (6) months

d.    Fire trucks - every six (6) months

Administrative Policy 10-2
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e.    Heavy equipment, backhoes, tractors:  All air cooled engines - every three (3) months

f.        Sanitation trucks: Those operated night and day - lubricate every two (2) weeks, change oil every sixty (6) days

Those operated days only - lubricate every two (2) weeks, change oil every sixty (6) days

Equipment Maintenance Division maintains records of lubrication and oil changes for each City vheicle and piece of equipment.  Equipment Maintenance will be responsible for maintaining a suspense file to insure that vehicles/equipment are serviced in accordance with the above schedule.  Division Supervisors will be advised as to required service, and directed to bring the vehicle/equipment into the shop for service.

If a Department or Division head feels that the schedule as outlined in this policy is not satisfactory for a specific vehicle or piece of equipment, he/she should contact the Equipment Maintenance Supervisor to arrange an acceptable alternative.

The Equipment Maintenance Supervisor will have the authorization to deadline and pick up any vehicle or piece of equipment which has not been inspected within the time-frame mileage guidelines established regardless of the location or current use of the vehicle or equipment.

APPENDICES:    Marking Guide.


RESCISSION:    This policy supersedes Administrative Policy #10.15, dated October 24, 1980.  This policy remains in effect until rescinded.

May 20, 1995