DISTRIBUTION:    All Departments

SUBJECT:    Preparation of Administrative Policies.

PURPOSE:    To establish procedures for use and preparation of administrative policies; to             prescribe a standard format and uniform numbering system.

BACKGROUND:    To effectively manage and administer internal programs, organizations need written guidelines and procedures.  For municipalities, most rules, regulations, policies and procedures are contained in charters, city codes or     ordinances.  If not included in one of these documents, state law often dictates proper policies and procedures; however, there is often a requirement for written guidelines which prescribe specific details for implementing or administering certain programs.

PROCEDURES:    I.    Responsibilities.

    A.    Department directors are responsible for drafting and recommending             administrative policies to the city manager.

    B.    Only the city manager has the authority to promulgate an                 administrative policy.

II.    Preparation.

The format used herein will be followed for all future policies. The following headings will be utilized:

    A.    Distribution - indicates to whom the policy applies and to whom it is             to be distributed.

    B.    Subject - Title of the policy.

    C.    Purpose - A brief description as to the purpose of the policy or why it             is needed.

    D.    Background - Used to provide any background information though             necessary to explain events or situations which created the need for a             formal policy.

    E.    Procedure - States the specific policy and/or procedures. Normally             establishes responsibility for implementation or enforcement.  Also             outlines specific procedures in a clear, logical sequence.

    F.    References - Relevant references, i. e., sections of the city code, etc.

    G.    Rescission - Indicates documents which are rescinded as a result of the             new policy.

    H.    Responsible Department - Indicates the department responsible for             monitoring, providing updates, and responding to technical questions             regarding policy.

    I.    Signature block - The city manager signature block with effective date             on third line.
Administrative Police 1-1
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III.    Numbering System.

    A.    The following numbering system will be used for all future                 administrative policies:

General Administration        1-
Legal Services            2-
Personnel            3-
Finance                4-
Planning & Special Studies    5-
Building Development        6-
Housing & Community Dev.    7-
Engineering            8-
Parks and Recreation        9-
Public Works            10-
Police                11-
Fire                12-
Auditing            13-
Communications        14-
City Clerk            15-
Municipal Court            16-

    B.    Current administrative polices will be renumbered to reflect the new             numbering system.


RESPONSIBLE    City Manager

RESCISSION:    This policy rescinds Administrative Policy 1.10, dated November 17, 1975.

Gilbert H. Schumpert, Jr.
City Manager
August 15, 1995